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Introduction to Norwia products


Norwia leads the industry with innovative product that span the optical market space. With innovation, Norwia has added reliability and quality as key component. The Norwia product line gives real benefits to every user; these include better Return on Investment than any other product in the market, the best flexibility of any optical product available and a quality/reliability factor for mission critical application.

miniHUB is the flagship product from Norwia and boast an incredible array of users in the Broadcast and Telecommunication fields.

HubBox is a new offering for high quality/low cost mini optical devices that can be used in conjunction with the miniHUB optical distribution platform.

SMC are SMPTE-311M Media Converters for interfacing camera connections to a standard Single Mode fiber pair.

MADIson is an elegant analogue audio to MADI fiber solution that bring the cost down on mass audio transport.

Norwia has an optical solution to fit all with a long history of success behind them. When you choose Norwia you choose a partner for life.